Dietmar Eberle / Baumschlager Eberle Architects (Austria)
European middle-class houses: Standards & optimization

Dietmar Eberle

Architect and co-founder of the international company Baumschaler Eberle Architects (Lochau, Austria, 1985), having completed more than 300 buildings, and received numerous awards. The team works in different countries and different architectural fields, from airports to housing. Their work combines the specific demands of a building with the user’s wishes as well as cultural sustainability. The firm is working in Europe and China and has a special architectural responsibility for the client, the regional context and the social environment. The buildings are sustainable and economically efficient. Dietmar Eberle is professor at the faculty of architecture, and head of the centre for housing and sustainable urban development, at the Technical University in Zurich, Switzerland.


Frank McLeod / Bryden Wood MacLeod (United Kingdom)
Design for manufacture: Some examples

Frank McLeod

Frank McLeod Frank is a Chartered Structural Engineer and has over 25 years experience on design for manufacture and innovative solutions. He has worked for clients as BAA, Heathrow Terminal 3, Gatwick, Manchester airport o the farmaceutical company Glaxo Smith Kline. His work is mainly in the field of advance modern construction techniques, through the use of product based design, modularisation and pre-assembly. Bryden Wood McLeod (BWM) is a multidisciplinary team of architects and engineers, based in London, which works focussed on product development and industrialised systems for architecture and construction.


Paul de Vroom / DKV architecten (The Netherlands)
Time-based housing:Methods & typologies

Paul de Vroom

Paul de Vroom is a Dutch architect, graduated with honours at TU Delft in 1981 and co-founder of DKV Company in Rotterdam in 1985. He is visiting professor at Amsterdam Academie of Architecture since 1992 and at Rotterdam Academy of Architecture since 2010, as well as a member of the editorial staff of Forum architecture magazine. He has participated as a critic at the ETSAB University summer workshop and acted as visiting professor of the master course at University La Salle, both located in Barcelona. The company DKV works with 35 collaborators and its production goes from planning to housing or industrial & commercial buildings, with flexible and innovative solutions.


Gerd Hauser / Fraunhofer Institut für Bauphysik (Germany)
Increasing the energy-efficiency of buildings

Gerd Hauser

Mechanical engineer by the Technical University of Munich, he is professor of Building Physics since 2004 at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Surveying and Mapping at the Technical University of Munich as well as Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics. He is member of several national and international boards as the Center for Sustainable Building (Kassel), German Sustainable Building Council, FVEE Renewable Energy Research Association, Steering committee E2B or the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP).


Luis Vega / Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción Eduardo Torroja (Spain)
Sustainability in the Spanish Technical Code

Luis Vega

Luis Vega, architect graduated from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), is the Head of the Construction Quality Unit of Institute of Construction Science Eduardo Torroja (IETcc) and visiting professor at the Department of Building Structure of the Faculty of Architecture in UPM. From 2001 to 2007, he has been responsible of the IETcc support groups for the Spanish Building Technical Code. He has also been director of the magazine Informes para la construcción (Construction reports) from 2003 to 2006.


Enric Ruiz-Geli / Cloud 9 Studio (Spain)
The Medi@Tic building

Enric Ruiz-Geli

Architect graduated from the ETSA (Faculty of Architecture) in Barcelona. He has been invited visual artist by ZKM and awarded a Krtu grant by Hangar. Set designer associated with Bob Wilson from 1995 to 2000. Since 1997, Ruiz-Geli is the director of Cloud9 Studio and co-Director of Metapolis, Art Media consultant for Mercat de les Flors (2002) and has been commissioner of the Spanish Pavilion in the V Architecture Biennial Exhibition of Sao Paulo in 2003. His career is linked to experimentation. He has directed projects in theatre, scenography, ephemeral architecture, exhibitions, interventions and events. He applies his research in the form of prototypes and case studies in order to bring digital architecture to real life, applying CAD-CAM construction processes. His projects have been presented in Archilab, Venice and Sâo Paulo Biennial, MARQ in Buenos Aires and in the Aedes W. Gallery in Berlín and, have been divulged in Verb, A+U, Quaderns, Domus, Interni, ON and Thames & Hudson.


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