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Centro Cultural Eduardo Úrculo
Distrito de Tetuán
Plaza Donoso 5
282029 Madrid (España)

Centro Cultural Eduardo Úrculo Centro Cultural Eduardo Úrculo Centro Cultural Eduardo Úrculo

Eduardo Úrculo Cultural Center, managed by the department of culture of Tetuan District Municipal Board is a unique public building, completed in 2009 and covering an area of 12,000 m2. It has an auditorium for 400 people, an exhibition hall, training classrooms and workshops and library.

Public Transport
Metro: Ventilla
Bus: 49


The “Residencia de Estudiantes” I3CON offer

The "Residencia de Estudiantes", founded in 1910, is one of the original centers of Spanish cultural scene. Organizes numerous public events such as conferences, round tables, concerts, poetry readings, meetings or exhibitions.

The residence retains its function of accommodation, currently for researchers, artists and creators from various fields and countries.

Residencia de estudiantes

Residencia de Estudiantes
Pinar 21-23
28006 Madrid
The I3CON offer: single room 65,96 € / double room 111,44 €

Information and reservations
t: 91 561 32 00
f: 91 563 81 27

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