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I3CON will enable the transformation towards a sustainable European construction industry delivering Industrially produced, Integrated processes and Intelligent building systems using distributed control systems with embedded sensors, wireless connections, ambient user interfaces and autonomous controllers. New value based business models with highly specialised SMEs working in radically contracted supply chains will delivere high performance spaces, smart business services and lifecycle solutions.


I3CON is an industry-led collaborative research project, part-funded by the EU under Framework 6. Commencing in October 2006, it is a 4-year project involving 26 partners from 14 countries across Europe. 


I3CON Magazine

I3CON Magazine, published on the European Innovation Exchange website:

Print quality magazine is available here.

I3CON Guidelines

Step-by-step development of facility management services:

I3CON Handbook

The I3CON Handbook:


I3CON newsletter

The I3CONnection (I3CON project newsletter) is available:

December 8, 2010


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